Depping&Jørgensen is a collaboration between Jakob Jørgensen and Line Depping

Our work is guided by functional possibilities and requirements and driven by the desire to test and explore materials and structural principles. Our inspiration springs from the hands-on process in the workshop, as we refine and experiment with the form, based on modelling and prototyping. In this creative process we often explore a principle of form or construction that intrigues us and test the capacities and textural qualities of a material. Our goal is always to create a straightforward solution, where we challenge the industrial machinery, to create sculptural forms that matches the usage situation and setting. It is important for us to take sustainability into account in our works. We work a lot in wood, and have made several assembly for disassembly projects

We received the prestigious 3-year working grant from the Danish Arts Council and the Finn Juhl prize in 2015. We collaborate with a range of design companies, and we value the cooperation in all parts of the development process, especially the product development, where we see an important task in knowing the industrial processes and machinery.

Line Depping
+45 25322507

Jakob Jørgensen
+45 40134819

Saltunavej 14
3751 Østermarie
Bornholm, DK

Depping & Jørgensen/ Thorvaldsen bench/ SE/ 2023

Depping & Jørgensen/ PESO tables/ 2023/ MOR Design

Depping&Jørgensen/ Curve Coat rack/ 2022/ TAKT

Depping&Jørgensen/ Arc Dining Table/ 2022/ TAKT

Depping&Jørgensen/ ARC CHAIR / 2020 / TAKT

Depping&Jørgensen/ EIFFEL shelving system / 2015 / HAY

Depping&Jørgensen/ WOODEN STANDARD /2021/ Cabinetmakers Autumn exhibition

Depping&Jørgensen/ Oryoki Bowls/ 2018/ Made together with woodturner Takehito Nakajima

Depping & Jørgensen/ Frame Serie/ 2021/ MOR Design

Depping&Jørgensen/ Kitchen Utensils/ 2018/ HAY