+45 40134819

Saltunavej 14, 3751 Østermarie, Bornholm, DK


I mainly work with metal and metal tubes to explore possible new expressions in the material. I carefully ponders the issues I address, and once I have a clear idea I go into my workshop where I proceed to create models and other experiments to develop my idea. I aim for objects with a sculptural expression. In my work I strive to create an expression that possesses the same depth as a work of art but also fits naturally into everyday life as a functional object.

Jakob Jørgensen has exhibited at Galerie Maria Wettergren in Paris and had a solo exhibition in 2019. In 2008 he  won the gold leaf at the competition IFDA (International Furniture Design Fair Asahikawa) in Japan and received a Wallpaper* Design Award in 2012. In 2021 he participated in the group exhibition Matter at hand in NY at Hostler Burrows.

Jakob Jørgensen/ FJARRIL/ 2019/ Galerie Maria Wettergren

Jakob Jørgensen/ TOTEM / 2018 / Galerie Maria Wettergren

Jakob Jørgensen/ Matter at Hand/ 2021/ Hostler Burrows

Jakob Jørgensen/ Barca/ 2008/ Conde House

Jakob Jørgensen/ Isak/ 2018/ IFDA