Distorting the objects with precision

Her works exudes an obvious and enduring sensitivity and attention to the processing, which is translated directly into the furniture and objects on display in Still Life: At first glance the forms are subtle, strict and almost quiet, but on further inspection you will notice refined details twisting the straightforwardness. The stringent, rounded wooden objects bear references to recognizable items of use such as combs and brushes of various shapes and sizes, but in the hands of Line Depping, proportions are lovingly twisted and layers of refinement in shape and scale are added and thus, released from their original functionality, they become purely sculptural items. A fan is amplified in volume, a comb now hangs on the wall as a relief, a cloth hanger has massive feat, the table and chair has beautiful inward lines and a characteristic, offbeat yellow colour subtly breaks with the blissful, gauzy expression.

Galerie Maria Wettergren